10 Years in Business!!!

Ten years ago this month, I started Averi Cooper Photography as I began my Junior year at OSU. The business has grown through a name change in 2007 when I got married, a couple moves in Texas, and then the final move back home to Stillwater in 2011. Working from home the past 10 years has been very practical, especially with growing babies. Now that we’re settled into life in Stillwater and plan to stay here for the long haul, I’m excited to announce that Averi Blackmon Photography now has an office/studio away from home; a comfortable place to meet engaged couples to visit about their weddings and view albums and wall art, without me having to carry these items to a coffee shop 🙂 Although we will still enjoy great coffee here! There’s also ample space and light for indoor portraits of newborns. Of course the new office is still toddler-friendly. Annie just turned one, and Ty starts Pre-K in few weeks!!
I am so thankful for the opportunity to stay busy with local clients in Stillwater, in addition to photographing weddings throughout Oklahoma. Pictures below of the new space and wall art:

Luxe Metals

Stand out from the wall

8×12 prints in old window… a rare craft project for me, and a great idea I saw on display at Morgan & Chase’s wedding in May 2013

Luxe Frames and Gallery Wraps

Luxe Frames (available is white, black, espresso, light blue and light pink)

Styles below left to right: Ornate, Hampton, Bombay (Tuscan is 4th style available but not pictured)

Print Wrap, below is a 16×24

Thanks to Dearinger Printing for the window signage and Furniture Showcase for some great pieces!