Cameron and Corey {Stillwater Maternity Session}

It’s always fun to get to see Cameron and Corey! We worked together for their engagements and wedding back in 2014, and now three years later for a very special session, as they prepare to be parents to a baby boy!!! I love you guys and have no doubt that you will be wonderful, amazing parents!! After your session I was talking to my mom on the phone and she said, “You’re so lucky to get to work with people at the happiest times of their lives.” And of course, mom is usually always right 🙂 We did have a couple fun tie-ins to our past sessions; Cameron and Corey were our first couple to have one of our llamas in the background of their pictures at the ranch, though I think it was by accident, so we made a point to get some again at the maternity session.
See them?!