Chrisleigh and Max {The Folmar, Tyler TX Wedding}

Happy one week to Chrisleigh and Max, a memorable and fun-loving couple who care deeply for people and Jesus. They were married on the most perfect of days at The Folmar in Tyler, TX. The day before the wedding: torrential downpour; day of the wedding: sunny and 74, absolutely perfect!!! These awesome people work at Sky Ranch, a camp in TX and though it’s been nearly 9 years since I finished my years working at another camp, I saw two couples at this wedding that I knew from my time in Marble Falls. In addition to that, Chrisleigh’s family feels like family to me too as I got to know them well, photographing her sister and brother’s weddings in 2010 and 2011. Love those connections and reunions!!! As you’ll see in the pictures, this venue was AWESOME! From the pretty house where the girls got ready to the cool finishes in the “man cave,” the spacious outdoor areas with mature trees, different elevations, variety in structures and landscaping, and even the details like the curved sidewalks… which I didn’t notice until going through the pictures – every detail, large and small, made this venue absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend this for couples looking for a place to get married, even make a destination wedding out of it 🙂 Between the ceremony and reception the guests enjoyed a “coffee bar” and had time to visit and snap pics with the fun background set up as an outdoor photo booth. So many things to love about this wedding, but I’ll probably remember most how you value your relationships with friends and family, and the role that Christ plays in your lives. You two are off to a great start 🙂 Below is a “preview” of the wedding day images, but it’s an extensive preview and more than you might see on other blogs, but so many beautiful pictures to share and I wanted to include all of these, from the couple and fun wedding party to meaningful ceremony and FUN reception and awesome send-off. Many thanks to Paige Wallace for 2nd shooting with me, and all the awesome shots you got! Enjoy:

Inspired by the sweet flower girl….