Houston Highlights {Easter 2013}

This Easter we went back to Houston to visit my husband’s family. First on the schedule was the annual crawfish boil with the Owens’ side of the family. Ty was 8 weeks old for his first crawfish boil. We met a few new cousins who have been born in the last year, and took some rare pictures of the crew together – I really wanted to get a pictures for my mother-in-law with her 4 kids and 8 grand kids, so that was an adventure! Saturday evening we went to Kemah/Seabrook area for a session for Jason & Jenny, and then on to the Kemah boardwalk for a very good dinner. Lots of fun! Sunday we spent the day with the Blackmon side of the family, enjoyed lunch, and fellowship with cousins (big cousins and little cousins), and took a few even more rare pictures of the Blackmon side. We finished our trip Monday morning, saying bye to Ma Owens, and then ventured over to the Museum of Natural Science to see some DINOS! Ty’s favorite.

Journey Rose – Ty’s cousin – they are 3 months apart and very good buddies

My mother-in-law (Vickie) with her two newest grand babies – Annie at 8 months and Mackenzie at 3 months

My sweetie, Annie Grace

Blackmons – my husband, his mom & siblings, and all the kiddos

Maw Maw and her 8 grand kids (4 boys the oldest, 4 girls the youngest)

Vickie & her 4: Heath, Jason, Jerett, & Hannah

Mackenzie – little girl with 3 older brothers!!

Blackmons! Jerett’s dad’s brother Sam & his family

pictures aren’t everyone’s favorite pastime 🙂

Uncle Sam, Aunt Rachel, Josh & Joseph

Sam & Betty (Jerett’s dad’s siblings) Aunt Betty’s house is the gathering place & we love getting to spend time with them!

happy to be outside

saying bye to Ma Owens