A Look Back at 2015!!!

I have been really moved by the stories of many of our 2015 couples. There were some really unique weddings and couples we worked with this past year, and I’m so grateful for that! Grateful to work with special people, have the opportunity to witness and record their love through photographs. The journey to finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with looks different for all of us, of course, and often times involves heart ache along the way. Then the process of a wedding has it’s own stressful aspects, from family dynamics to all the decisions and details coming together. I love being there for these couples. Primarily I’m there to preserve the memories through pictures, but I’m also there to provide support and direction when it’s asked for!

Some of these weddings were planned over 18 months, one in less than 5 weeks, but most were somewhere in between. The Oklahoma spring monsoon hit 3 of these and the heat wave of early August got us too, yet we have beautiful images from these days 🙂

Oklahoma venues we worked at for the first time: The Sand Plum and Dominion House in Guthrie; The Dresser Mansion, The Broadway, Five Oaks Lodge, Jazz Hall of Fame and the Summit Club of Tulsa.

I’m a little goofy for numbers, so if you are interested in more:
We photographed 20 weddings in 2015. Of those 20…
• 5 brides were girls I knew before they were teenagers!
• 3 weddings did not have wedding parties (bridesmaids/groomsmen)
• 13 couples chose to do the “First look” and see each other before the ceremony for pictures, and 7 couples waited until the ceremony to see each other.
• 15 of these couples also had us take their engagement pictures.
• 7 ceremonies took place inside a church or chapel; 5 outdoors; 8 ceremonies indoors at the venue
• 6 weddings were on days other than Saturday
• 17 weddings in Oklahoma; 2 in Texas; 1 in Colorado
• 2 “Holiday” weddings, one July 3rd and one New Year’s Eve
• Hottest wedding day: August 8th in Tulsa (102 degrees)
• Coldest wedding day: December 31st in Denver (14 degrees)
• City where we had the most weddings: Tulsa (5)

2015 was incredible! We’ve already hit the ground running in 2016 with 4 weddings in the first 17 days of the year! As always, so grateful for the opportunity to work with awesome folks!! If you’re around Stillwater, we’ll be at the bridal show at the Wes Watkins Center Saturday, January 23rd from 10-2, and we would love to see you!!