Emergency Management Service Agreement

“This agreement is a platform to support reconciliation between First Nations, British Columbia and Canada as we work to address the effects of climate change. It commits us to a regular dialogue on emergency management issues of mutual interest and interest and to cooperate in a coordinated and constructive manner with First Nations communities to share information, best practices and possible approaches to dealing with forest fires and emergencies in this province. Robert PhillipsTask Group Member, First Nations Summit The rapid, comprehensive and effective use of the resources of participating legal systems, including all available or available resources from other sources, essential to the safety, care and well-being of individuals in the event of an emergency or disaster, is the underlying principle that all articles of this Covenant are included. The expected end result of EMAP is that “resilient First Nation communities are able to respond to and recover from emergency events. ISC will monitor the results by continuously monitoring and evaluating its EMAP Performance Information Profile (PIP). EMAP collects and reports data each year, including the indicator below, “the percentage of long-term evacuees who have returned home or have a scheduled date within two years of evacuation,” for which actual results are included in the divisional results report. Given that it is likely that the model and modalities of the mutual assistance mechanism between two or more legal systems may deviate from that of the legal orders that are parties to this pact, this pact contains elements of a broad basis common to all legal orders, and nothing in this pact excludes any jurisdiction from concluding complementary agreements with another jurisdiction. , or affects other agreements already in force between jurisdictions. Additional arrangements may include provisions for the evacuation and reception of the injured and others, as well as the exchange of medical equipment, fire, public service, information, social services, transport and communication, equipment and accessories. Any law granting aid in another legal area under this pact is, upon request, reimbursed by the court receiving this assistance, for losses, damages or expenses incurred by the operation of equipment and the provision of a service when responding to a request for assistance, as well as for the costs incurred by these requests.