Exclusive Distribution Agreement Medical Device

CONSIDERING that Suzuken has the desire to accept such an appointment and to play the role of Japan`s commercial representative on the territory for the product, in accordance with the conditions set out in this agreement; 10. Regulatory inspections. Suzuken allows representatives of regulatory authorities or authorities responsible for the manufacture, marketing and marketing of the product to visit and inspect all facilities used by Suzuken for the marketing, distribution or storage of products sold under this agreement, and cooperates with them in all appropriate manners. Suzuken provides Given Japan with a copy of any notifications of adverse findings, regulatory letters or similar communications it receives from another government authority that sets out negative findings or does not comply with applicable laws, regulations or standards regarding the property it provides in that person.” Suzuken also forwards Given Japan with a copy of its proposed written response to this government authority before submitting it and repeats any changes requested by Japan. product: the unistar stent device, the Costar stent device or any other stent device that appears and is specified in Schedule A and is attached to this agreement. (u) cooperate appropriately with Given Japan on all matters of medical vigilance and report all product problems; 17.2 Publication, press releases. Both parties may issue press releases referring to the existence of an agreement between the contracting parties without disclosing the commercial details of the agreement and, subject to their confidentiality obligations, with respect to the other. The two contracting parties provide the other party with a copy of a draft press release concerning the other contracting party for pre-publication approval. Authorizations are not unduly withheld and issued in a timely manner. (b) any contracting party voluntarily files or files a bankruptcy or liquidation claim against it, which is not put into liquidation within forty-five days of filing or bankruptcy, or enters into the hands of an agent for the benefit of creditors, or enters a similar situation or position under the law of a relevant jurisdiction, or ceases its marketing activities or stops its activities in marketing. , distribution, manufacture, sale or rental of products.

Executing a quality distribution agreement requires careful care and attention to the needs of your business. A contract that clearly explains the expectations, responsibilities and duties of both parties is essential to start your relationship on the right foot. There are many factors to consider, including: ANGESICHTS japan und Given Imaging Ltd. (“Given Imaging”) are parties to this amended delivery agreement (the “delivery contract”) dates from given Imaging Japan for the given Imaging System (Given Imaging System), which currently consists of the M2ATM capsule, a Data Recorder Kit and the RAPIDTM workstation for the diagnosis of the gastrointestinal tract. , as indicated in Appendix A, and all improvements, improvements or related products developed by Given Imaging (together the “product”) for distribution in Japan (the “territory”) and 16.1 in the settlement of disputes.