Fictitious Name Agreement Pa

b) Subsequent availability of certain names.-If, as a result of the name change, resignation or dissolution of a national or registered foreign group, it is no longer able to renew a registration of its name by an unregistered foreign association or for other reasons, its name is not inscribed in point a) (3) or (4) by the express provisions of Title 15 (relating to corporations and associations without its own legal). by this chapter. (5) The court may adopt an order-in-council that changes the name to petition if, at the end of the hearing, the court is satisfied that there are no legitimate objections to the issuance of the petition. (d) Annual renewal.-A person who actually has a registration of a denomination may extend the registration from year to year by filing an annual renewal application indicating the facts to be mentioned in an initial application for registration. An application for renewal can be submitted between October 1 and December 31 of each year and extends registration for the following calendar year. References in the text. The name of the Professional Engineer Registration Act has been changed to Engineer, Land Surveyor and Geology Registration Law. The name of the State Registration Board for Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors has been changed to the State Registration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists. (a) General rule.–Each mark and its registration under this chapter are classified with the value of the company in which the mark is used or with the portion of the value of the portion of the transaction related to the use and symbol of the mark.

The assignment is made by a written document, duly executed and can be registered with the service. A filer may register an assignment to reflect a change in the registrant`s name. Thank you so much for this excellent discussion! However, there is uncertainty as to who should promote a fictitious name. Good morning, Matt. Thanks for the great site and info, work very well done. one of my questions: Can I complete an online name application in Pennsylvania and pay !?? I`ve finished my LLC filing online, but I can`t do the same for a fictitious name!! “Brand.” Any word, name, symbol or device used by a person to identify and distinguish that person`s goods, including a single product, from other products manufactured or sold, and indicate the source of the goods, even if that source is unknown. (g) Advertising.-An organization to which only one party belongs officially publishes in the county where the company`s head office or head office is located or, in the case of a proposed entity, is informed of its intention to file or file an application for registration of a fictitious name in accordance with this chapter. The notice may be issued before or after the date the application is filed with the service and must be kept with the company`s permanent records and state in abbreviated: (9) the registration statement of a foreign association registered under 15 Pa.C.S.

412 (a) (1) (i) (with respect to the foreign registration statement) or, if that name is not 15 Pa.C.S.