Kodee and Rachel {Hidden Porch in Catoosa}

This day warmed lots of hearts, including mine. Kodee and Rachel were married Friday, October 19th, 2018 in Catoosa, OK, at the Hidden Porch venue. It had been rainy earlier in the day so the sky was dark but the lights strung everywhere lit up the rock pathway and the trees were so green from the rain. Magical. Rachel is the youngest of six in her family, so there were lots of nieces and nephews to add joy to this day along with family and friends. This was the first day I met Kodee but his love for Rachel was so evident and the relationship he has with his family and friends gave me confidence in knowing more about him. Rachel’s dad walked her down the first half of the aisle before handing her to her brothers while Michael took his place to officiate the wedding. The ceremony was my favorite part of the day – so meaningful. Rachel’s family is very dear to me, as I’ve known them since I was 17, and several members of her family have been strong and positive influences in my life. So it shouldn’t have been a surprise (but still was) when tears flowed as her dad prayed over her during the reception; a recorded song he sang for his daughters when they were young played in the background. I’m so glad there was a videographer to capture the speeches by Kodee’s brothers and Rachel’s sisters 🙂 Today was also Rachel’s oldest nephew Eli’s birthday and we honored him with song and he got to blow out the candles right after bride and groom cut their cake! Thankful that these two families joined on 10/19/18. God was glorified this day and so many lives were touched at this union!!! Here’s a summary of the wedding day images: