Morgan and Chase’s Tulsa Wedding

Morgan and Chase were married on a gorgeous day at Post Oak Lodge in Tulsa. Having lived in both Texas and Oklahoma myself, I enjoyed one of their themes being the two states coming together. In addition to the TX/OK theme, the colors and decor were so thoughtfully put together, and so beautiful! At the heart of the wedding day though is the couple joining their lives together, making a life-long commitment to one another, so the ceremony was even more beautiful than all the decorations. With the fun wedding party, family, and friends that Morgan and Chase have, the reception was a total blast, and I still have a certain Backstreet Boys song stuck in my head! All the best to you guys! Here’s a preview:

These shots below of the guys getting ready were taken by 2nd shooter, Jake Duncan:

The shot on the left above by Jake Duncan, as well as the black and white one below.

The shot above and the shot below on the left by Jake Duncan.

The shot on above on the right side by Jake Duncan.