Ubs Agreements And Disclosures

This page contains the main account agreements and other disclosures we need to make all UBS customers available online in a comfortable location. You will also find information about the protection of the account you receive as a UBS customer. If you have any questions, please contact your financial advisor. In the meantime, we value your business and look forward to helping you achieve your financial goals. The provision of a personal account for the use of criminal groups can be seen as a spotlight for criminal fraud. Under Article 15 of the Money Laundering Control Act of 28 December 2016, the use of false/pseudo-names when opening accounts with financial institutions or improperly acquiring accounts of other financial institutions may be subject to criminal obligations. A gentle reminder – please manage your account correctly. Do not include national ID cards, entries, account numbers, bank cards or passwords, or allow others. UBS also has additional insurance in addition to standard SIPC account protection. Subject to political conditions and restrictions, cash stocks are protected up to US$1.9 million for all accounts held in a specific capacity at UBS Financial Services Inc. On December 10, 2019, the maximum amount to be paid to all UBS Financial Services Inc.

clients under the additional directive is $500 million. A full copy of the text of the directive can be obtained upon request. THE business time of the OBU Foreign Securities Dealing: 9:00 – 18:00 Customers can ask the bank to check the registration status of trust employees with customer-oriented features, if this is necessary to indicate that customers can call the request hotline (02-8722-7720) to request such information. Source of information: Securities Investment Trust – Consulting Association of the R.O.C. (SITCA), April 2019 version, only as a reference. This information includes funds that are not made available by the Bank and the Bank is not required to make available all or part of the funds or units of funds as they are included in this information. Important information about your UBS Visa Signature Credit Card Account (Select and Premier Program Levels) As a UBS customer, your accounts are covered by certain safeguards that would come into effect in the unlikely event that UBS Financial Services Inc. is financially out of business. The firm is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), which protects its members` securities clients up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for cash receivables). Explanatory brochure on request or on For more information on the company`s protection, including restrictions, see the “Additional Information” section of the “Agreements and Disclosures” brochure.

Taiwan Wealth Management and other regulatory disclosure items For more information about SIPC, see UBS Financial Services Inc. is not a bank. Unless otherwise stated, securities and other investments held by UBS Financial Services Inc. are not covered by the FDIC, are not covered by the bank guarantee and may lose value. In order to protect the investor`s right and interest, including to avoid mis-selling, investors are encouraged to visit the Securities Investment Trust-Consulting Association of the R.O.C (“SITCA”) website to find out the details of the fund`s remuneration. UBS makes sitCA`s website available as a reference. Securities Investment Trust – Consulting Association of the R.O.C. (Site:, please see “Learn more about the remuneration of funds” under “Investment Propaganda Fund”).