What Does A Break Clause Mean In A Tenancy Agreement

We told them that we would accept a 1-year fixed-term contract with a 2-month termination clause. What exactly are these 2 months? Does this mean that the minimum duration is also 2 months? Or can they still set a minimum duration of, say, 6 months? It is also important that the right termination amount is given, so it is important that you ask for advice at least one month before termination. If this is not done correctly, the break will not be effective. You should make sure to clean the property and leave it in the same condition as when you moved in. You must do this in order to reconsider your deposit at the end of your rental. Learn more about how to recover your deposit. However, a landlord is usually required to deliver a period of two months and provide the tenant with a notice period in accordance with Article 21. .