What Is A Ranking Agreement

The most typical collateral created or concluded by an investor who is looking for loans to buy or develop real estate in Thailand is the real estate mortgage. A mortgage contract is defined as a contract in which a person called Mortgagor pledges property to another person, called the mortgage holder, as security for the performance of an obligation without handing over the property to the mortgagee. This is a type of charge on land or other immovable property registered as security for the repayment of the debt, provided that if the hypothecary debtor does not repay the debt, the hypothecary creditor has the right to enforce the mortgage and collect the debt at a public auction of the land or property; provided that the mortgage is repaid when the conditions of the mortgage are met or have been met. In addition to the real estate mortgage, under the B.E. law. 2558 on business security, a person as a guarantee provider who directly operates the real estate business may also transfer property as collateral to guarantee his or her business or another business. A personal guarantee is also a less popular type of security. A number of systems such as a pledge of shares and a conditional or unconditional assignment of an investor`s rights and liabilities are also available. According to the Romanian Civil Code, the assets affected by a mortgage contract for a property consist not only of the property itself, but also: for the lender, the benefit of such collateral lies in its effective control over the participation of the borrower, since the borrower cannot sell the shares without notice and consent of the pledged creditor. The collateral agreement does not in itself transfer ownership of the shares to the lender, but transfers certain shares of the shares on such terms that the lender (pledge) is able to sell them and apply the proceeds to the debt due.

This is an agreement between a borrower and the lender`s representatives, where by which these representatives have the power to secure the lender`s claim at a later date by establishing a mortgage on the borrower`s property in the amount of the amount agreed in the mandate. A Form B warranty may cover a long-term facility governed by a complicated installation letter or multiple installation letters setting out the rights and obligations of the parties. Similarly, Form B can also be used if the covered bonds are not entirely monetary. B, for example, if the guarantee covers obligations covered by a bipartite contract or an option contract. Mortgages are regulated by special laws, which are mainly contained in the Mortgage Law, but otherwise in the Russian Civil Code. A mortgage allows the hypothecary creditor to receive compensation for the debtor`s default under a fundamentally secured obligation, which prevails over unsecured creditors. A mortgage is a burden on the property and limits the mortgage debtor`s right to the free use and sale of that property. For example, the mortgage debtor can only dispose of the mortgaged property with the consent of the mortgage debtor (unless the mortgage contract provides otherwise). .