What to Wear for Your Engagement Session

If you’re fashion-minded and know your style well you may not need any input on what to wear for your engagement session. However, many ladies do ask for suggestions, so here are some general guidelines and tips. (Usually couples will wear two outfits for engagement sessions, sometimes three. Going with two, you can think of one being a little more formal and one a little more casual.) Also, we usually do a good amount of walking during an engagement session so if you want to wear heels, you might also bring another pair of shoes to walk in between shots.

1. Wear colors and styles that are flattering to you. Colors that bring out your eyes or compliment your complexion.

2. Wear outfits in which you are comfortable and feel great in.

3. Think about the season and temperatures. (Fall colors or styles being different than spring/summer). Scarves and layering work well in fall/winter.

4. Consider the setting – will we be in the country, lakeside, in the city, on a college campus, at a garden, etc.

5. Coordinating with your fiance ~ you don’t have to match, you can coordinate your colors/patterns. Examples below.

6. Bold colors usually look great in photographs.  Solids are pretty safe.

7. Browse this blog site for engagements to see what other couples have worn and what you like.

8. Sometimes couples will have an outfit that goes with their wedding colors.

Here are lots of outfits from couples I’ve worked with in the past couple years, organized seasonally. Hope this is helpful!

~ Winter ~

Yes, Horseshoe Bay, TX can look tropical in February 🙂

~ Spring ~

~ Summer ~

~ Fall ~