When There Is No Custody Agreement

If you are married and there has never been a court order for custody, then it is not a crime for the other parent to take your child out of the house. It is not an abduction according to the law. Although there is no court order or agreement, the law has no rules: sometimes the court will conclude that one parent has agreed to give custody to another parent by letting the child live with that parent after the parents have separated. But most of the time, the parents have not yet reached an agreement and each parent has the same right of custody. I don`t have court-ordered custody, but I am his mother. She lives with her father right now, but I want her to come back and live with me. She is 9 years old and I believe she needs her mother at this point in her life. I don`t think his father will do it without a fight. because he thinks I`m not able to raise our daughter, even though I already have a very responsible, loving and caring 20-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Please help me make the best decisions about it. I don`t have a lot of money to spend on a lawyer, but I need to deal with it urgently. Please give me advice and suggestions Unless the court says otherwise, custody of an illegitimate child rests exclusively with the biological mother, unless the mother has waived her rights over the child. If paternity has been recognized or decided, the father may apply to the court for access or custody in court proceedings, with the exception of an action for a declaration of paternity.

A custody arrangement is also in the best interests of the child, as studies show that children benefit from a structured relationship with both parents rather than spending time unpredictably with the visiting parent. My daughter was supposed to be in the Hergpashaus on her father`s side and during this time her grandmother came to her father`s side and took her away without my permission. It`s been a year and they haven`t felt it back, and they won`t let me see. His father was already in a federal prison before he was born. That`s why I had full custody. ?. What can I do to get them back, they too have taken them beyond national borders The mother and father are the common natural guardians of their minor children and are also responsible for the welfare and education of their minor children as well as the custody and management of the property of their minor children; and the mother and father have equal powers, rights and duties, and neither parent has a preponderant right over the right of the other with respect to the minor`s custody or control of the minor`s services or income or other matters concerning the minor […].