Yukon Landlord Tenant Agreement

Termination by a tenant who terminates a monthly tenancy must take effect for the landlord as close as possible to the last day of a month of the lease on the last day of the month immediately following the lease, except in the case of a mobile home site where a notice period of 12 months is required. 3. Tenant`s Obligation — The Tenant is responsible for the proper cleanliness of the interior of the premises and for repairing damage caused by an intentional or negligent act of the Tenant or any person authorized by the Tenant on the Premises. (Article 76 (e) (f)) 4. Subletting of premises — The lessee may assign, sublet or otherwise share the premises with the consent of the lessor, without arbitrarily or unreasonably refusing or being charged for consent, unless the lessor has actually incurred costs related to the granting of consent. (§ 71) b) check-in takes place in broad daylight and the time of submission has been communicated to the tenant in writing at least twenty hours before entry. (§ 73) Despite the landlord`s request to stop the behaviour, the landlord may restrict or prohibit that person`s access to the RV park. I, The landlord may not in any way restrict a tenant`s right to sell, lease or otherwise separate a mobile home from the property of a mobile home by a tenant. (§ 70) It is legally agreed to increase the rent in the first year of a lease. Landlords are required to notify the tenant in writing three months before the date of the increase. 2A.

Services — If the lessor provides the lessee with a service or facility that is appropriately related to the tenant`s continued use and enjoyment of the premises, such as heating, water, electricity, etc. B hats, appliances, garbage collection, sewers or elevators, landlords cannot stop providing this service. (Article 76 I (c)) 9. A landlord or tenant may terminate the termination orally or in writing, but a termination by a landlord to a tenant is not enforceable under section 96 unless it is in writing. 7. The Tenant undertakes to comply with all the rules relating to the use, occupation or maintenance of the residential premises or the building or the use by the Tenant of the services and facilities provided by the Lessor, provided that the rules are in writing, that they are appropriate in all circumstances and that the Tenant receives a copy of all the rules and a copy of all the modifications at the time of conclusion of the contract. Asking for key money is not illegal in Yukon. However, the landlord must disclose all fees and charges payable to each potential tenant in addition to the rent before submitting a lease. (a) the termination of the lease has occurred and the entry is at a reasonable time to expose the premises to potential tenants or buyers; (b) The landlord may establish appropriate standards for mobile home appliances.4 The tenant pays the rent at the following rate: ________ by ___ (week/month) No. A lease simply refers to an agreement between a tenant and a landlord regarding the occupancy of a residential property, whether the agreement is oral, express or implied in writing or implied.

If a lease is written and signed, the tenant must receive a copy of the contract within 21 days of signing the document. .